Straumann® CARES®

M series

More options for your restorative work.

The CARES® M series is a single system that can handle multiple workflows, enabling wet, wet/dry and dry-milling in a single system. We can now produce genuine custom abutments and Nice restorations with faster turnaround times. With multiple workflow options, we can offer the full flexibility of using one system regardless of the case that arrives from your office.


Multiple workflows and wide range of materials. Modular and upgradable with multiple material blank holders.


Ease of use and speed.


The Straumann® CARES® CAM module in the CARES® Visual software includes elaborate collision control and avoidance to ensure a high degree of process reliability.

Straumann® CARES® Abutment Titanium

Work with confidence – cementable customized abutment for esthetics in the posterior region.

Key indications: Single-unit | Multi-unit
Fixation: Cement-retained
Material: Ti
Workflow: Digital
Platforms: NC | RC | RN | WN


Small, minimal body for patients with small teeth in the posterior region, while large blanks also allow for the restoration of larger teeth. Enlarged blank size for increased design options.


Patient-specific emergence profile supports an optimal esthetic outcome. High-quality CAD/CAM abutments made of titanium for esthetics in the posterior region.


Excellent material properties designed for high precision and reliability.

Straumann® Pre-milled Abutment Blanks

More than in-house milling. Adding value to your dental practice.

Excel Studios can now produce original Straumann® one-piece customized titanium abutments with our in-house milling M Series. Boost efficiency by using our in-house milling and benefit from the original Straumann implant-abutment connection and faster turnaround times.


Allows us to produce a Straumann Titanium Custom Abutment within hours.


We pass on the savings by milling in-house, no more extra charges from Struamann due to shipping abutments to the lab.


Benefit from a faster and controlled turnaround time.


Perfectly matching components.

Peace of Mind

Straumann® Guarantee and support.


Straumann® coDiagnostiX™

More than implant planning software. A practice differentiator.

Let’s begin with the end results in mind.

All planning is done by a trained Implant Specialist at Excel Studios.


Straumann® CARES P Series

Offering full integration and validation for our CARES® and CoDiagnostiX™ workflow. Sturdy, reliable and suited to a host of FDA approved surgical guides and materials.

Excel Studios uses FDA approved materials to print and mill in-house.


Straumann® Guided Surgery

More than integrated workflows. Immediate digital tooth replacement.

Our integrated implant planning workflow offers innovative benefits for implant planning and prosthetic rehabilitation, together with an interdisciplinary team approach that increases efficiency and saves chair time during the surgical procedure.

Digital implant placement planning with coDiagnostiX™ lets you plan precisely and easily, enabling you to achieve predictable results in simple to advanced surgical cases.

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