Smile Simulation

Sell More Smiles.

  • Increase cosmetic and functional case acceptance by using our smile simulation services.
  • Excel Studios simulations create an emotional connection to treatments by helping patients to visualize their need for cosmetic, implant or orthodontic treatment and see how their appearance may change after treatment is completed.
  • Smile Simulations motivate patients to say “Yes” and move forward with treatment.
  • Keep in mind these are dental treatment simulation, actual results may vary.
To learn more about our smile simulations services contact customer service at (800) 981-9008.

If you would like to submit a file to our smile simulation service use the form below to drag and drop your patients’ head-shot and close up smile photo.

*Low resolution photos taken on a mobile phone may in some cases not work.
We recommend using a DSLR camera which produces a hi-resolution image.