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Discover a broad range of individualized dental prosthetics, that have been developed with you and your patients in mind.

Gain restorative flexibility with our angulated screw channel solutions, and benefit from easier access to the posterior and improved esthetics in the anterior. Provide screw-retained restorations that are both strong and esthetic with high-translucency multilayered full-contour zirconia solutions. All our individualized dental prosthetics have been precision-engineered and manufactured. You can ensure that you are using authentic NobelProcera components with our easy-to-use online tool. By choosing our latest innovations, you can provide your patients with natural-looking dental restorations that have been designed for their individual cases.

NobelProcera solutions

Find the right solution for your patient. We offer single- and multiple-unit implant-based restorations, tooth-based restorations and implant bars for all major implant platforms.

Angulated screw channel solutions

Discover screw-retained solutions that enable you to optimize esthetics, occlusal design and access by angulating the screw access hole to fit the situation.

Multilayered zirconia solutions

Provide your patients with strong and esthetic restorations with high-translucency multilayered full-contour zirconia restorations.

Authentication tool

Use our straightforward online tool to verify that you have purchased authentic NobelProcera products.

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