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Our Mission

At Excel Studios, we are committed to the development of new products and new forms of technologies that are pragmatic to our clinicians through: improved digital workflows, unmatched artistry, and chair-side results that are celebrated with every new smile we create.

We want all our clinicians to know that at Excel Studios, they are valued and appreciated for placing their trust in us. They are not a number on a work-ticket but a friend, team member, and business partner.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer care, service, and attention to each clinician’s restorative needs. We have set protocols to ensure we meet those needs by hiring the brightest and talented individuals in our space.

We look forward to building a lasting working relationship and becoming your (go-to dental laboratory) for your everyday restorative needs.

We value our Dentists, and their chair-time.

Since our founding in 1996, we continue to remain true to our core values in providing a personalized service and maintaining a boutique style likeness in the industry; by offering unmatched ceramic artistry, new forms of technology to help improve digital workflows, and our personal touch through technical treatment engagement.

We want our clinicians to know their cases are in good hands with expert technicians who are well versed in: cosmetics, anatomy, and occlusion. On staff we have Dr. James Hartzel, who practiced privately for over 30 years in the Los Angeles community of Santa Clarita, CA. Who is spearheading our quality control and doctor communication protocols for optimal chair-side results.

Our team is built around service: servicing our clinicians, patients, and staff. To ensure prompt delivery of our products and services such as our one-on-one communication with each clinician on restorative planning to eliminate the guess work and surprises that can occur during chair-time.

Every day we strive to improve our customer experience by building a superior quality of work that goes above and beyond the average work available in commercial laboratories.


Our Dentists Most Requested Materials

Feldspathic Veneers

Multi-layered Monolithic Zirconia

Custom Implant Multi-structure Hybrids

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Smile Simulation

Sell More Smiles.

  • Increase cosmetic and functional case acceptance by using our smile simulation services.
  • Excel Studios simulations create an emotional connection to treatments by helping patients to visualize their need for cosmetic, implant or orthodontic treatment and see how their appearance may change after treatment is completed.
  • Smile Simulations motivate patients to say “Yes” and move forward with treatment.
  • Keep in mind these are dental treatment simulation, actual results may vary.

Helping dentists win the cosmetic battle every time!

A key tool to any cosmetic case success is a diagnostic wax up. This allows us to start with the end game in mind, yet so many times this is one key component that is overlooked or set aside. We encourage all our doctors to use this key tool for — cosmetic presentations, worn dentition, full mouth rehabs, or to use as a test drive in some cases. To learn more about the different options of wax ups, contact a technical team member at 800-981-9008, or use the contact form.

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